Saturday, 6 October 2012

The sky is crying

It would be almost impossible to express the magnificence of the events of this evening, but I hope the following photographs will do some justice.

The gold rush.

The skies were clear at 6:00 pm today, with no indication at all of any rain. At about 6:30 a light drizzle began with a pitter-patter of scattered drops, a child's first uncertain steps. Steadily, the sky began to turn into a mellow amber. The whole city was covered by a sepia filter, turning the streets into a Bollywood movie from the 70's. The sky was gold and the drops of rain shone through like molten glass falling form the heavens. Then, the rain began to build in intensity and reached a crescendo and the sky burst forth with an ominous boom. Almost like a chameleon changing colours, the scene turned from a glorious yellow hue to a pallid pink. The king had surrendered to the queen. Like a jubilant girl in a new dress, the heavens screamed in delight while water rained down in sheets. 

As pedestrians dove for cover, a brilliant flash of lightning tore across the sky, leaving a stifled roar of thunder in its wake. The monster had finally awoken. Almost cinematically, all the light faded away and everything turned to a solemn grey. Angry streaks of lightning appeared in the sky while thunder howled in the distance. The fury of mother nature had been unleashed across the city. Bombay wept bitterly, her sorrow akin to the sorrow of her people. For a few more minutes, it poured without any sign of stopping. Then, just as suddenly it had begun it all was over. The heavens had performed a splendid light show for the evening, a fitting tribute to the last of this year's rains. 

These photos were taken from my bedroom window in a span of just over 10 minutes. They have not been edited in any way.

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Goodbye, my sweet Bombay rain. Until next year. :)