Monday, 5 November 2012

4 rupee therapy

It's easy to lose time within yourself when you're always on the move in a city like Bombay. The city of dreams is also the city that stops for no one. In it’s rich and troubled history, Bombay has seen its share of riots, communal violence, protests, public transport strikes and even terrorism. However, the city and its people have always managed to get back up and pull through in times of adversity.

For most of the city, a commute in the suburban local trains can be a harrowing experience, and a matter of life and death for first-timers. Crowds at morning and evening rush hours can run up to several hundred people occupying a compartment intended for 150. However, in the odd event that the city decides to take a break (or on a Sunday), a ride on the Western Railways can offer a perfect opportunity for soul-searching and introspection. If one has the good fortune of getting on a train at either end of the route, one may even have the privilege of being seated, a coveted luxury in the Bombay local trains.*

(*Protip: A good way to know if a train is crowded is if you can't tell what colour the floor is) 

Lazy afternoons are best spent at the window seat of a fast train, with the wind in your hair and the city passing by. The rhythmic sway of the compartments and the percussive staccato of the train as it picks up speed are almost hypnotic, compelling you to isolate yourself from the world outside. In that moment, you become one with the train, swaying with the momentum and bobbing your head to the beat of the train flying over the wooden sleepers.

It is during these short fleeting moments of inner peace that we are presented with life's most compelling questions, such as the origin of species and the purpose of humanity. We forget all our daily woes and become fixated with the ground rapidly moving beneath us, and the unchanging and irresolute sky above.  Moments of self-realization and deep understanding that perhaps, we may have a more significant role to play in the grand scheme of things.
I'd choose 15 minutes on the Western lines over an hour with a certified quack anyday. :)

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  1. yeah I already heard that trains are sooo overcrowded over there. is it true that there are even crazy people who climb ontop of it just because there is no more room inside ?

  2. Yep. There are people who sit atop trains or even in the dangerous space separating two compartments. Most als are stuck like glue to the handlebars on the door/ A quick google search will show you all that you want to know.

  3. Mumbai's local Rail services is what keeps its people ticking and alive!

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