Monday, 10 September 2012

The Bollywood Dream

We've all had dreams of stardom and fame at some point in our lives. Dreams of stepping out of limos with gloved chauffeurs holding doors open for us as we make your way down the red carpet into a premier screening of our latest silver screen appearance. As one gets older and somewhat wiser however, our feet come crashing down to earth when we realise that some dreams only remain so in our minds. However, in this city, you will find no shortage of amateur actors and models aspiring to make it big and see their name in lights someday.

Bombay has a thriving television and film industry, and to be honest, the people here love it. I might have distanced myself from Indian cinema at an early age and yet, I am still in awe of the fan following that movie stars receive here. Everywhere you go, you see popular movie stars on posters and billboards, in TV commercials ranging from Pepsi to plumbing, and now, most recently, even in politics. Movie actors achieve a demigod-like status after starring in a hit and overnight, your small-town average Joe turns into a superstar.

Of course, to get noticed, you'll probably need great acting skills and a repertoire of tricks up your sleeve (though just having a persistent manager seems to do the trick nowadays). For those that were born with the know-how and for whom acting comes normally, you may get a shot at the Bollywood dream. For those of us who are significantly less gifted however, do not despair....

I says U need some English lessons, buddy.


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